Heidi Braithwaite
Founder and Managing Director at Riot House Publicity, Board Member at Music Victoria


Heidi Braithwaite is an icon of the behind-the-scenes workings of Australian music. She’s worked as a publicist, copyrighter, media strategist and general ‘muso wrangler’ – extremely important work that makes sure that those that make the music find their way into the ears, eyes and diaries of those who want to hear and see it.

Heidi founded Riot House in 2006 and continues on as its Managing Director. With the business Heidi leads a passionate group of creative industry workers who keep the wheels turning beyond the speakers and the stage. She is also a Board Member at Music Victoria and a passionate leader in the music industry, showing, by example, how parenting and the creative arts work can co-exist. We are in awe of her organisational excellence, let alone her exceptional eye and ear for spotting and supporting talent. Hell, we’re in awe of her talent too!

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