Chris Carey is an internationally renowned member of the global creative industries community. As the founder of the FastForward music industry events (festivals for industry, if you will, that took off around the world including in London, Amsterdam and Sydney), he is also the founder of Media Insight Consulting, an organisation that helps the industry understand itself. With a background in record companies and live music, Chris is a mentor at Abbey Road, he’s currently Head of Marketing and Comms at TicketSwap, and also currently leading the #LocalLegends campaign – which has raised over 325,000 AUD for music venues. 

For our chat Chris literally stayed up late to talk to us, Zooming in all the way from late night Amsterdam to connect to an early Australian east coast morning. The conversation covered his journey in industry, his dedication to creating inclusive events, and details of an opening break that connects his career back to The Wiggles. They really are our musical Kevin Bacon, aren’t they?

Link to the episode below

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