Something for Kate – Photo Dan Boud

The Modern Medieval, Universal Music

Stephanie Ashworth and Paul Dempsey are Australian music legends. As two thirds of the multi-award winning Something For Kate, Stephanie and Paul join us as part of their epic promo-from-home junket to celebrate the band’s 7th studio album, The Modern Medieval. While working parents everywhere have copped it during lockdown (especially those in Melbourne), these two must have had it especially tough. When you’re both musicians, both working in the same band, how do you decide who gets to ‘tap out during bathtime’? Who goes to soundcheck while the other does sleepytime? Is an excellent babysitter just part of the demands for the band’s rider? Or are the kids being trained as next gen roadies?

The Modern Medieval was mostly all done before the world changed due to a pesky virus, so the recording process itself was relatively ‘normal’. Not so was the final stretch and ‘what next’ – with family life and work life all happening in the one place and without the usual support (and live audience for perspective and escape!). We hear more about how they’ve coped, as well as how they are providing for the next generation of Australian creatives.

Link to the episode below

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