Nardi Simpson, writer, producer, artist, musician, songwriter…

Image by Lucy Simpson

Song of the Crocodile

Nardi Simpson is an incredibly accomplished Yuwaalaraay Writer, Composer, Musician and Culture Keeper. Her talents extend, but are not limited, to singer/songwriting with the vocal duo Stiff Gins (among other things), musical directing for the Barayagal Choir, as well as writing for the stage.

Her most recent adventure is as the new author of “Song of the Crocodile”, a novel out via Hatchette books, widely hailed as a “mesmerising debut”.

As part of her chat with us she explained the creative process writing with her son, as well as how the strings to her bow all sing together (as it were). Also listen hard for a MMO exclusive – hopefully the seeds of Nardi’s next work have been planted here. Funny, wise and kind – we could listen to Nardi all day…

Link to episode below

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