Virginia Hanlon Grohl

Writer, Mother, Musician, Legend!

Virginia Hanlon Grohl is a legend. The name may come to you via her famous son, Nirvana/Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl (who she adorably calls ‘David’), but as a writer, musician and just PERSON in her own rite, she’s fascinating to listen to. This piece comes out of Liz’s archive from 2018, with a previous generation of mic and baby #1 rather than #2 in the way. Sorry about that – although, who else is going to understand the juggle, hey?

The chat came as part of the promotions for Virginia’s appearance at Big Sound 2018 to promote her book From The Cradle to the Stage: stories from the mothers who rocked and raised rock stars (Hatchette Books). Part of the interview published at the time via The Music, but this is the first time the whole thing has been released, including important details about how she juggled raising a child who would enter the music industry – and how she’s kept on now as a Music Mother and (Grand)Mother with Dave’s amazing daughters too. Her insights into her own musical practice and use of music to make connections with her children are fascinating, as are the conversations she has with the variety of women who raised the sounds in your collection.

Link to the episode below

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