Dr Ben Green

Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer,

“Dad band” musician

Ben’s band, “Gold Stars” below, complete with his little one Angus making a cameo.

Dr Ben Green is a Brisbane-based researcher and teacher in music and creative industries as well as a member of what he calls “two low key but constant bands that are mostly dads”. Can we call them “Dad Bands”? Have a listen for yourself – we love them! Tape/Off (https://tapeoff.net) and Gold Stars (https://zangrecords.bandcamp.com/album/noise-bridge). This episode also feature’s Ben’s music, used with full permission. Follow the links there for more.

Ben is a cultural sociologist working in music scenes, cultural policy and youth studies. He is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Griffith University and teaches in creative industries at JMC Academy. His forthcoming book Peak Music Experiences: A New Perspective on Popular Music, Identity and Scenes (Routledge) draws from research with fans and musicians about the musical moments that have defined their lives and continue to drive them, including cherished family memories. Other projects have included live music planning for local government, music-making as a source of well-being for young people, and COVID-19 recovery in the arts. You can read more at of his work below –

‘A long way to the top: Australian musicians balance multiple roles to make their careers work’ (The Conversation)

‘Researching Regional and Rural Music Scenes’ (Popular Music & Society)

Link to the episode below

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