Small Fry Rock, the brainchild of KJ Tainton

Have you ever pined to see your favourite Australian band play live, but you’re stuck at home with the baby? Enter the amazing “Small Fry Rock” concert series, created for Sydney audiences by our guest today, KJ (Kristie Jane) Tainton. These gigs bring on the live music for the grown ups but at a nap-friendly afternoon time slot AND in a venue that caters to the little ones: let the toddlers take over the moshpit with their groovy dancing and balloon-popping moves! “Small Fry Rock” provides that much-needed grown-up music fix at a time when parents need it the most.

In this episode KJ explains how necessity was the mother of invention for her own practice – literally juggling her own bub and music industry work as we spoke. She also gave us insight into her own musical inspirations, including an excellent older brother (how many great careers were launched by the taste of their siblings?) It’s an amazing initiative that’s sure to go from strength to strength.

Link to the episode below

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