Dave McCormack – Custard man, Sonar screen music composer/performer, Voice of “Dad” in ABC’s smash kids show Bluey



Dave McCormack has a golden voice box and wonderful ‘bitsa’ musical catalogue. As singer and songwriter for indie darlings Custard he’s told us Music is Crap and taken us to his new Apartment (baby), with releases extending from before Y2K all the way to Couples Fights happening in releases made before 2020 was just about the Rona.

As a screen composer he’s made soundtracks for Australian screen icons like Rake, Jack Irish, and Redfern Now, and as if that wasn’t enough he’s also the voice of  Bandit Healer from Bluey, Australia’s greatest Dad since the Norm, the  ‘Life Be In It’ Bloke. Also a proud dad to two girls himself (who he sneakily steals ideas from!), the chat sees something shiny and gets distracted at times, but we defy you to resist his charm as it oozed from the speakers.

Link to the episode below

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