Fionna Allan
Creative Project Manager of many many projects!

Below is Fionna’s show with her daughter for MAINfm

The creative industries are not just one thing – so the best creative industries workers are never doing just one thing at a time. Enter Fionna Allan – a music mother and other who seems to never be idle. She’s a Creative Project Manager (amongst other things!) working across a variety of music and arts platforms, including arts & music festivals, live music venues, community radio and events. Currently based in Victoria, Australia, she’s worked across the world in event production, festival production, ticketing and box office, artist bookings, venues and radio.

Fionna’s email address at the moment has her named as “Office Manager, 94.9 MAINfm“, and she’s recently taken on the role of Regional Music Coordinator for Mt Alexander Shire – working for Music Victoria/Regional Arts Victoria. We’re thrilled to hear about how she juggles, and has juggled, it all. During our chat she also dropped lots of names (and we loved it!), everyone from Peaches to LCD Sound System, Jon Spencer Blues, Beth Ditto, Hot Chip and Will Young.

Link to the episode below

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