Tegan Taylor, ABC journalist, podcaster and journalist

Tegan Taylor is one of the most trusted voices in Australian radio at the moment. For over a year now, Tegan has been one half of the ABC’s must-listen podcasts —Coronacast—along with Dr Norman Swan. Together, they have provided a steady voice of reason during the coronavirus outbreak, by asking questions, giving clear answers, and always showing the importance of staying open to learn more. They’ve won the nation’s hearts, and more than one award in their travels too (hello, Walkleys!).

In our chat Tegan talks to us about juggling (or seesaw-ing) between work/life roles, working and parenting in lockdown and generally being a calm, informed but entertaining voice guiding the nation. She’s a complete delight, and also available on the twitter bug at https://twitter.com/teegstar

Link to the episode below

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