Claire Tonti
Photo by Brett Brogan

Claire Tonti is a Naarm-based singer/songwriter and podcaster. While she’s spent time in the trenches of motherhood, teaching, CEO-ing of the Big Sandwich Media Company and former Primary School Teacher and sound and media (including with her super interview pod TONTs), it’s only in the last little while that she’s finally made it back to music.

The result is her debut album “Matrescence”. In these 11 songs Claire has dug into the process and transition that happens with child rearing – following the ups and downs all, somehow, with melodic contour and acoustic approach that covers both the sweet, and sour, of it all. It’s nostalgic, hopeful, real and bloody lovely, actually. Welcome to the show, Claire Tonti, and this episode also includes clips from the album track “This Mother Thing”, “All Kinds of Lovely”, and “Fear to Feel”, all used with permission.

Link to the episode

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