Musicians Felicity Urquhart & Josh Cunningham

Country music star Felicity Urquhart & folk/blues musician Josh Cunningham are, separately, highly accomplished and award winning musicians with extensive ‘musical lives’. Now, together they are making wonderful music again, with their ‘duet album’, “The Song Club”, out now via ABC Music/Universal.

This baby arose from a challenge that began pre-lockdown in 2020 and brought everyone some sanity as well as some great tunes, as part of an initiative where artists were invited to a creative collective that challenged members to write one song a week. The outcome was a lifeline to creative work during the crisis: they played all the instruments and did all the production themselves from Urquhart’s home studio on the NSW Central Coast, creating enough ‘good tunes’ to make a whole new release.

During the chat they each talk about their own journeys to and through music, as well as how their building a musical life together. All with family life happening as part of, rather than apart from, the stage and recording booth.

Link to the episode to below

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