T Wilds (image by Helen Flint)
Musician, songwriter, multi tradie

T Wilds (Tania Wilds), a singer/songwriter based in the Blue Mountains in NSW.

With a former musical life in the Sydney nineties-naughties indie superscene with SPDFGH and Half a Cow, she’s since been in, out and around the industry here and also overseas. To get the up-to-date details, she’s here to tell us about the journey, and her new work, “I Swim”, her first work in over a decade.

Particularly inspiring was how parenting put her work in pause, but then also, was a major part of getting her back in the scene. It wasn’t just a love of the craft, but the active encouragement of her daughter who’s gotten Wilds back out there. This is a ‘stage Mum’ of a different type – when the daughter is the one pushing Mum back to the stage! The work, and the chat, was a delight. And the music is incredible. Full access to the her independent single, “I Swim” is up on the podcast too, with full permission granted. As well as a co-written original with Mum and Bub.

Link to the episode below

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