Childz Play podcasters Adam H. Phillips and R. Alex Murray

Childz Play is “the world’s premier Kidz Bop review podcast”, dreamed up by comedians and general creative masterminds Adam H. Phillips and R. Alex Murray. For those of us who didn’t grow up with Kidz Bop in our lives, think of it as the Mickey Mouse Club meets the 100% Hits franchise – an insanely popular American series of albums where kids re-record hit songs of the day, but with all the swears taken out.

The podcast started as a joke between gaming friends Adam H. Phillips and R. Alex Murray, and our first contact with them started through a podcasting algorithm that thought ‘people who talk about kids and music might also want to talk to each other’. This chance encounter has turned into a hilarious chat about what kids music actually is (or if there even is such a thing), while getting to the heart of what two grown men are actually doing paying this much attention to Kids Bop, anyway.

Along the way we also learn about their other ‘lives’ – R. Alex Murray is also a children’s entertainer, standup and multipod man, while Adam H Phillips has a former live as a Dad Band Prodigy. You can find and support their pod via the Missing Sock network – they even do merch as well as their own ‘kids safe’ covers.

Link to the episode below

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