Myf Warhurst

This week’s guest is a deadset legend of the Australian music industry. If Molly Meldrum taught 1970s and 80s kids how to love pop music, then our next guest took the mantle into the 2000s, 20teens and now.

Via music press, trashy lunchtime quizzes, Spicks and Specks, Eurovision, radio, and amazing standalone curation works, she gives us ways, and permission, the love the heck outta music and all it can do for us.

She’s talking to us today on the back of her book “Time of My Life” through Hachette Books – a memoir that uses songs as signposts, and confirms for all, if there was ever any doubt, that she leads our national musical family. We are delighted to welcome (Dame) Myf Warhurst to our show.

Link to the episode

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