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Gotta Be Done just HAD to be done by Mary Bolling and Kate McMahon. They created a podcast deep-diving into all things wonderful about Australian kids TV show Bluey.

As music-loving ex-journo mothers and others, the Melbourne based podcasters and communications specialists are shining a light on excellent children’s entertainment.

Mary and Kate started Gotta Be Done – The Bluey Podcast well before the awards, international acclaim and Disney came knocking for this special show. But these excellent spotters knew, way back when, that the little TV show about a Blue Heeler family was extraordinary. They have done it justice by creating what was the first (and we think best!) podcast dedicated to Bluey. But beyond that, they also talk about deep diving into worlds of music and family entertainment, parenting, old and new pop culture, and the joy of re-watching.

With passionate listeners all over the world, Gotta Be Done proves that bingeing Bluey is for everyone.

Listen to the episode below

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