Jane Gazzo, self described “Music Industry Veteran”

Musician, writer, broadcaster and self described ‘Music Industry Veteran’ Jane Gazzo ‘‘welcomed us into the weekend’ every Saturday morning in the late 90s as the co-host of the youth music tv show Recovery. She spent the naughties broadcasting to the UK spreading musical good news, returned to commercial radio to give it some proper cred and has most recently returned to the ABC for the lockdown and beyond music show The Sound.

As a journalist she’s been working across media for years too – and we love her music writing as well as presenting and interviewing. Jane’s series of interviews with “Music Industry Mums” for the Australian Music Vault has given us particular inspiration, with Jane leading the way in bringing the worlds of music and motherhood together. Candid practical and inspiring pieces, Jane’s skills bringing people’s stories to the page with vivid detail.

In addition to catching her talking to us (with Shelley and Liz fangirling like it’s 1999), if you’re in Melbourne you can also catch her live as part of the Music at the Movies series. A deadset legend, continuing leading light in the industry and of course, a Music Mother and Other.

Link to the episode below

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