One of our muses – apologies if he’s a bit too loud at times!

For International Women’s Day 2021 we’re celebrating by revisiting three of our 2020 guests, Nardi Simpson, Nat Bartsch and Kate Duncan. As women who cover different aspects of the creative industries, they each taught us something important about mixing the personal with the professional. These three were just some of the gems we gathered during season one in 202o – thank you again for everyone who took a chance on us and shared their stories.

Keeping this all together are their answers to the question ‘What would you change or add to make the music and creative industries better for families’? Recorded under the veil of COVID in bedrooms, front rooms and playrooms, there is of course the odd baby crying and mother death stare shot – so don’t mind the audio moving around a bit at times.

As always – content is key! Thanks again for listening, and if you want to hear the full eps, and more, go to our menu or search through on your pod provider. And don’t forget to support these and other artists as well too.

Link to the episode below

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