Martha Wainwright

This very special ‘out of session’ episode is an interview with Martha Wainwright. The Canadian/America singer songwriter is a prolific artist and performer, as well as part of one of the most loved musical dynasties ever, the Wainwright/McGarrigle families. Although there’s no getting away from her name (she does admit having considered it, at least once), instead Martha continues to build on the legacies she’s inherited. Her new album “Love Will Be Reborn”, is a gorgeous adventure into how things have changed – not always happily – but how new things can emerge if you keep going. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but it’s not all dark skies and deep gin glasses either. She spoke to Liz during lockdown – and she, and we, can’t wait to have her back in Australia when this little virus getting in everyone’s way is sorted out.

Link to the episode below

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