Somewhere in the music industry, between ‘sex drugs and rock and roll’ and The Wiggles, is the rest of us. ‘Music Mothers and Others’ is an audio parents group —a chance to discuss how parenting fits (or doesn’t) into music industry life. During the series we’ll talk to people from across the industry – artists, promotors, techs, broadcasters, writers, academics, teachers – anyone who has a gig in ‘industry’, whatever that means.

Hosts Liz Giuffre and Shelley Brunt are industry veterans, academics and parents – as well as members of the broader village. Listen live on Sydney’s 2SER FM, and on catchup (or again!) or wherever you get your pods. Look Here for our socials.

Broadcast on 2SER FM, 107.3. Sydney, Australia and around Australia on the Community Radio Network